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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Radical Rants | Posted by Kim
Apr 09 2013

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Dangerous Myth or True Elixir?


I’m terrified of surfing. I was reminded about this when I was visiting with friends a few weeks ago, having a lovely conversation with wine and cheese about their upcoming surfing trip to San Diego. While I have always held visions of concussions from boards shooting out of the waves and landing on my head, or chunks of flesh torn from my side by sharks mistaking me for food, this couple was telling stories of exhilarating rides on salty waves, relaxing floats, and sometimes, sheer boredom bobbing in the sea waiting for a good wave to roll in.
When the conversation turned to salt water and minerals and recent dental issues, I mentioned that I was drinking hydrogen peroxide. They looked at me with the same quizzical expression as I had at the mention of putting my body into an ocean to face a wall of water rushing at me with the velocity of a freight train.

What made us different? The ocean certainly didn’t know. Will it toss me, but float the fearless? My surfer friends have the same human bodies as me. The only difference between us were perception and experience. If it was safe for me to ingest safely diluted hydrogen peroxide, they could drink it and likely benefit from it also. And, I started turning around my own fears about surfing. After vicariously living their pleasures on the waves, I resolved that I’m sure I could take a board out, not too far, but maybe just head into the surf and hang out a while.

I learned about 35% Food Grade H2O2 through necessity. Ironically enough, it was the isolation floatation tank I was tasked to maintain when I rented my new space that sent me on a fact finding mission to learn how to safely use Food Grade hydrogen peroxide. The tank, an older model with some whippy whale art painted on its side, came with the house. My landlord left a half empty (full?) bottle of 35% in the refrigerator, with a warning that, if heated past 60 degrees F, it could explode, so, you know, be careful! Then he left the country for a year.

I used a 1/4 cup of it to sanitize the tank and took my first float. I also wondered often just what ‘explode’ meant. Like, it will spray-all-over-my-$20.00/lb-wild-caught-salmon explode? Or, blow-the-refrigerator-door-off explode? No one was available to answer my question.

Until now, I’d only used drugstore 3% as an oral rinse and wound cleanser. Its use as an oral antiviral was just an interesting read from my friend T.C. Randall’s book Forbidden Healing, in which he talks extensively about redox medicine and the valuable role of H2O2 in the body’s ecosystem.

Right around the time I ran out of the H2O2 I also developed a tooth abscess. They don’t sell food grade H2O2 in stores and it took quite a while of hunting and researching for a source  before I finally tracked down EchoH2O2, a manufacturer and distributor in Sedona, AZ. And there my education in Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy began in earnest. The uses and curative powers of this humble, naturally occurring chemical is a wonderment. Leaving the farmers market where I picked up my quart bottle, along with a travel size spray bottle of 3% H2O2 for sanitizing, breath freshening and virus killing, I was armed with a fact sheet and instructions for drinking highly diluted H2O2; a few drops in a 12 oz. glass of distilled water, increasing the number of drops over the course of several months.

The cry is always, H2O2 is a dangerous, caustic chemical. You’re drinking bleach for goodness’ sake! Yet, cancer patients trust their doctors to start a drip of cell destroying chemicals running into their arms and call it chemo “therapy.” I’d rather drink oxygenating, perfectly safe diluted hydrogen peroxide. And I did. And it cleaned my abscess and whitened my teeth, and purged a long-term cold sore virus from my blood.

Yes, it’s true. Higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide can burn your skin and seriously injure you internally if you don’t use extreme caution and dilute it to safe proportions. So, use extreme caution, dilute it properly and dip your toe in the waters of renewed health and energy. Surfs up!