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Life in Outer Space Confirmed

Letters from the Heretic | Posted by Kim
Aug 25 2010

A beautiful yellow Labrador retriever runs her paces on an underwater treadmill in the Small Animal Rehabilitation Unit at Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. It’s part of her rehabilitation exercises for an embolism that left her with leg paralysis.

Through nerve stimulation with mild electrical currents and water exercises, the dog’s mobility is improving beyond the expectations of other therapies. Water, as we’ve known for a long time, provides a non-impact workout. But it also provides nerve-damaged limbs orientation. “Her legs don’t know where they are in space,” veterinarian Wendy Baltzer explains. “The sensation of the water on her skin lets her feel where she’s setting her feet.”

Imagine that! The idea that we can only know our own bodies within the context of our environment. It’s true. We were “nothing” before we were born. Only after collecting matter, molecule after molecule, did we come into human “being.” It took a lot to become you. It takes as much to keep running in place; even more to move forward.

Our bodies are unique as much as they are universal. The specific call and response to the universe, the natural world and our place within it is an individual undertaking. Paradoxically, to fit in requires individual wholeness. Only then will the larger vehicle — our lives together — work in harmony.

Though we are one in humankind, each of us has individual biochemical, physiological and spiritual needs to be met in order to hold our place in space.

We have much work to do in our lives. We can do our best work, and make our best connections, when we are operating from a radiant, happy, well nourished body and mind.

Is there life in outer space? Yes! Our lives, right here on the Orion arm of the Milky Way. A galaxy named after a food.