What is Herbal Heresy?


Herbal heresy is the radical idea that good health is holy and our connection to the earth is sacred. That the path to peace truly does begin within each and every one of us and more can be achieved from a vital, radiant and happy mind and body.

Herbal heresy is the belief that each one of us is a piece, a fractal if you will, of the cosmic puzzle. And that endeavoring toward wholeness—of mind and body—is to seek nurturing and nourishment of our physical/spiritual selves on the earthly plane.

Herbal heresy explores the vast and abundant healing and health modalities that the natural—and perhaps a bit of the supernatural—world has to offer. It is a place to expand the conversation about botanical medicine and tell the success stories about health and healing with Earth’s bounty and nature’s pharmacy.

Heretically Yours,


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