The Difference Between Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil, or So We’re Told

Posted by Kim
Feb 14 2015

Herbal Conference Edited
If you’ve been puzzling over definitions and the fine lettering of the law between marijuana and hemp, you’re not alone.

Cannabis oil (Cannabidiol) contains THC and CBD. And then there’s hemp oil, which, to placate the celebrants of suffering, is cultivated to have higher levels of CBD with none of that feel-good THC.

While Congress and the DEA have been able to regulate and define, and redefine marijuana for its THC as it pertains to their laws, hemp, which contains no THC, has, through Congress’ own loopholes, escaped their regulatory clutches.

Today, you can legally purchase and sell CBD hemp oil and avail yourself of cannabidiol’s health giving goodness. Which is more than a small victory because, thanks to the previous 20 years of research on marijuana’s effect on the human body, a biochemical communication system has been revealed.

These studies have shown that we have receptors in our brain that respond very positively to the chemical compounds in cannabis. In fact, in 1992  researchers detected so much measurable response to cannabis’ positive effect on the body that they invented a  a new body system and given it a name: the endocannabinoid system (EC). It turns out, our brains love pot!

While our circulatory system sends blood through our veins, the urinary system water through our body, etc., the EC regulates–without any help from the government–our physiology, mood and, dare I say, perception of the world.

Working properly and unimpeded, the EC puts the energetic rose-colored glasses on our smiling faces.

CBD works in harmony with your body, and mind. Synthetically manufactured pharmaceuticals lack plant energy, nature’s vital essence, which carries the true medicine.

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