Forbidden Healing – An Introduction to Redox Medicine

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Sep 01 2011


An Introduction to Redox Medicine and An Electro-Chemical Approach to Restoring Biological Function, Health and Healing

A discussion with author, organic farmer and independent health researcher Capt. T.C. Randall about his e-book Forbidden Healing. The Curiously Simple Solution to Disease.

HH:     Many health and nutrition experts come to their careers through their own health issues. Jack LaLanne, who was ill as a child, and Istvan Fazekas (The Alkalizing Diet) who suffered debilitating Crohn’s disease, are two who come to mind. Tell me, what inspired your work in this area?

T.C.:     We all come into this world as a clean slate. Then other people start writing all over it. Their knowledge came from cultural tradition and the collective consciousness, mostly TV, largely bullshit. I had to find the truth myself and that took a lot of digging. Since my father was a chiropractor and my mother came from a European farm background, I began with those perspectives.  Even with a healthy outdoor lifestyle and a largely organic diet taken directly from nature, at 50 my health was in steep decline. I experimented with all the vitamins, minerals, meditations and even sampled some conventional ideas, still no cigar. I was on my way out! In desperation I tried mega-dosing Vitamin C/bicarbonate. In two days my depression lifted, and I began to heal all over. I was literally snatched from the jaws of death by a therapy that had been thoroughly discredited! This was so dramatic, I had to take it apart to see what made it work and find the principle that had alleviated my laundry list of symptoms. I was mind-blown. It was so simple. As the implications became clear, others had to know!

HH:     Explain what ‘redox’ is and how oxidation balances out with anti-oxidation.

T.C.:    The principle I found was rooted in oxidation reduction chemistry. It’s how
electrons are exchanged and governs molecular behavior. Redox is an equation, a
balance, and since every aspect of nutrition, toxicity, emotion and lifestyle figure in on
one side or the other, it can seem very daunting. When our bodies linger on the acidic oxidative side of the equation we tend toward disease, oxidative stress. But when we stay alkaline and to the reductive antioxidant electron side we have health and energy. Electron abundance and pH control biochemical function. Oddly, immune response relies on powerful oxidation to destroy pathogens and oxidize unwanted molecules.

HH:    I’m confused about oxidation. You talk about oxidation, as with hydrogen peroxide, and anti-oxidants. Is oxygen the enemy or the healer?

T.C.:    Both. Oxygen is required to power mitochondria which produce energy in the form of electrons and are present in all living cells. Various anti-oxidant enzymes, vitamins and minerals keep oxygen harmless. It’s a balance. More powerful oxidants like Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) are called out in immune response to destroy pathogens and toxins. We can mimic this natural response with the use of large doses of Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, chlorite, or ozone to provide ROS. We can also use sulfur and arginine to boost RNS production, nitric oxide. ROS and RNS must be contained by antioxidants/enzymes to prevent damage to neighboring cells. When immune response is protracted, we become awash in these free radicals, antioxidant electrons are depleted and inflammation sets in.

HH:    Bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. How can one safely ingest them? Is food grade peroxide easily obtainable? 

T.C.:    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is available at health food stores and over the internet. It comes as 35%, is dangerous at that concentration and must be handled carefully. FGHP must be diluted to 3% for mouth wash and huffing out of a nasal spray bottle into the lungs. Internally 35% is used starting with 2 drops to a glass of water, working up to 8 drops 2x/day on empty stomach. It is also used intravenously by alternative physicians. This is serious medicine and my first choice is Vitamin C/ bicarbonate or Vitamin C intravenously. Check internet sources like for dilutions and particulars.

HH:    When you speak of bicarbonate, do you mean baking soda? What are safe doses?

T.C.:    Arm & Hammer baking soda is one of the best most inexpensive medicines. 1 teaspoon 2x/day is a good start, though I take mine with Vitamin C using a bit more than the amount it takes to neutralize acidity. It should be taken apart from heavy meals or reflux may result (fixable with a shot of vinegar). Alkalize the system, get more oxygen penetration to cells, generate more electrons, energy! Sodium bicarbonate is used by athletes and has cured cancers when taken orally with a little maple syrup or molasses. The cancer gulps the sugars and kills itself with oxygen. I used chlorite and bicarbonate injections on my dog’s breast cancer successfully, twice.  Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) is a big proponent of bicarbonate, magnesium, iodine and sulfur, check the site.

HH:    What is the most effective administration of these wonder chemicals?

T.C.:    I cover a lot of ideas. It is up to the individual to double and triple check dilutions and applications. When you find conventional medical information it always warns against these therapies and proclaims them ineffective. Start slow to test the waters. Many things can be sold, but once health claims (for readily accessible over-the-counter products) are announced they are denounced and declared dangerous by the media.

HH:    There is a considerable amount of tension, to say the least, between conventional, allopathic medicine and alternative or holistic practitioners. In his book Empire of Conspiracy, author Timothy Melley talks about what he regards as ‘agency panic,’ that persistent, nagging certitude that one’s autonomy and personal liberties are being controlled by a larger, more powerful group such as the government or the pharmaceutical companies. Yet, by its very definition, corporations are made up of a ‘body’ of people. Surely, even the most agency panicked among us might agree that clean water, safe and pure food, healing nutrition, toxin-free products and mentally healthy families are in everyone’s best interests.

T.C.:     Science arrogantly decided it could shortcut nature and sell artificial foods and
illogical drugs. The money got big. As objections appeared they were squashed with phony science, “official” PR and legal maneuvers. Now politicians are owned, government agencies are corrupt, food and water are centralized and information is controlled by the corporate media. The fact is that most workers have been replaced by technology and have become irrelevant.

HH:    You state in Forbidden Healing that we are –each of us is a holographic fragment of a single entity, ultimately “all one.” (I whole heartedly agree with you.) Yet the people who have profited, in the short term–HMOs, corporate agri-business, pharmaceutical companies– have deep and compelling reasons to stick to the status quo; keep their jobs. In your opinion, how can we inspire corporations to change their practices without threatening their survival? How can we safely guide the corporations from the feedlot to greener pastures? Can Forbidden Healing be a “Cattle-ist” (all puns absolutely intended) for change?

T.C.:    Some corporations like mad-dog Monsanto just must die. Others can clean up
or phase into sustainability. Why should any inappropriate industry remain just to
turn a profit? The herd needs to wise up.

HH:    What I meant was how can we implement change, raise consciousness without threatening the individual’s survival? Monsanto, et al is supporting a lot of entrenched lifestyle beliefs that employees of those companies depend on.

T.C.:    That is the tough question. People are involved in all kinds of destructive endeavors that have become a part of the system. We can either begin a gradual, peaceful, intelligently directed shift, subsist for a time under the current system of corporate enslavement or descend into chaos and rebuild civilization on the ashes. All I know is we are reaching a turning point and the outcome can swing any which way.

HH:     How is it that apple cider vinegar is in the alkaline category? Isn’t vinegar acidic?

T.C.:    Yes, vinegar is acetic acid yet has an alkalizing effect. Its acidity improves
digestion, and speeds absorption of minerals. ACV contains plenty of K, potassium, and
some Mg, magnesium and trace minerals which are alkalizing. There is more involved
chemistry to it and some people value vinegar as a pH normalizer. A huge benefit of vinegar is that it selectively removes bad gut bacteria and yeasts which otherwise generate toxins.

HH:     Much of the good stuff, foods we all enjoy–chocolate, alcohol, meats–are in the acidic category. Are acidic foods necessarily to be avoided, or is it a matter of balance? Isn’t it true that the body could not survive if it were 100% alkaline?

T.C.:    Both sides of pH and redox balances are necessary. Free radicals and acids are
naturally produced for necessary temporary shifts. Acidic foods are balanced by alkalizing foods. Sugars, grains and especially soft drinks are very acidic and hard to offset. Pasteurized milk is acidic, raw milk is not. Meats create lots of metabolic wastes so vegetarian green
juicing should be emphasized when one is ill to speed healing by removing that load. Over time minerals like Mg and K which would normally buffer pH can become depleted. This is why I emphasize the importance of hair mineral analysis. Then you know your levels
and also can become aware of metal loads like mercury, cadmium, lead, etc. Taking minerals is only effective if they are absorbed and bio-available, and that is at its best in fresh foods and carefully selected supplements.

HH:    You recommend veggies, fish and few, if any, grains. Are you talking about
processed grains? What about ancient and sprouted grains such as quinoa, wild rice, millet, etc.? Is the optimum diet absolutely grain free? Or is it the nutrient-stripping processing of grains that is the issue?

TC:    I also love wild and grass fed meats, eggs and cheeses. I prefer ancient high protein low glycemic grains, or whole organic sprouted or fermented grains. Nutrient stripping is a bad idea, but the real danger in grains is that they encourage yeasts and other unwanted intestinal flora that generate toxins and displace beneficials. Another big problem is the blood sugar, insulin resistance, triglyceride thing…and grains are acid forming. When animals are fed grains instead of grass, their internal production of Omega fats becomes reversed and of course they are prohibited from antioxidant rich pastures and natural rumination.

HH:    Latest in the news is that food conglomerates like Kraft Foods, with their global snack businesses Oreos, etc. are breaking up, spinning off, or splitting into separate entities. How can ‘real food’ proponents make themselves sexy to food conglomerate shareholders?

T.C.:     We have been getting sexed by marketers with low fat, no trans fats, heart healthy
assertions for years. Brand makeovers retain profitability and fool most of the people most of the time. The best way to encourage real foods is to stop buying their Krapt. Shareholders will get the message when earnings fall. Food companies could also entertain the idea of putting something real, nutritious and non-toxic in their packages. If they depended on me, they would disappear and be replaced by millions of small fresh organic producers, currently the unskilled unemployed. If there was a shift directly to localized growers and co-op markets, dollars would go farther, millions could find income and purpose, and those dollars would not support industrial foods or industrial medicine. Urban agriculture should be offered in schools and made mandatory at prisons and in high welfare/food stamp/homeless areas. Show up and grow a turnip and feed yourself! Big deal! Many of these projects are underway across the nation.

HH:    Let’s talk about processed sugar versus natural sugars and necessary blood glucose levels. I think that people in general are very ignorant about sugar’s role in the body. We crave it, and get into serious physiological trouble when our blood sugar levels drop, yet diabetes is one of the top health concerns in the United States.

T.C.:    Natural sugars like honey, raw cane or maple contain many trace nutrients and are
preferable to bleached sugar and high fructose corn syrup, but more than a few spoonfuls
of even natural sugar a day can cause problems. There are so many reasons to minimize
or eliminate sugar that I have lost count and that goes for all processed high glycemic grains/carbs. A high fat/protein/vegetable diet maintains steady glucose levels. Diabetes has sedentary, toxic and inflammatory aspects as well. Sugar is one fermentation away from alcohol and both are addictive and diminish mind function. Cancer, heart disease, obesity, dementia and rapid aging are results.

HH:     You mention that chlorite has been effective against malaria, HIV, AIDS, cancers, parasites and infections. Which cases are you referring to; what studies?

T.C.:    Jim Humble’s writing and his MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), was my source. He mentions a large study in Africa with reports of over 97% effectiveness. I have used it on my dog several times with amazing success. I know it works and I know why it works. The U.S. and Canada are trying to restrict chlorite, but it is still available online. It is very powerful and I’d use it myself if results are not forthcoming with first-choice Vitamin C/bicarbonate or food grade hydrogen peroxide. Studies must be funded, funding chases obscene profits not results, so inexpensive commonly available substances are rarely if ever studied.

HH:    Claims about natural treatments for cancer are hot buttons for the conventional medical community who go to great lengths to debunk them. Where can one find honest, reliable studies and case histories of successfully treating cancer and other diseases with
naturopathic, nutritional or other alternative remedies?

T.C.:   Cancertutor, Dr. Mercola, IMVA, earthclinic are excellent sites. Most people
find cancer so scary that when a simple inexpensive treatment like sodium
bicarbonate is suggested, they just can’t believe it. The cancer industry is very
powerful and has thoroughly terrorized the public. Cancer is acidic hypoxia, a stagnation of fluids where electrons and oxygen are lacking and tumors protect themselves by acidifying their surroundings. These conditions can be reversed and cancers removed.

HH:    How do you balance the benefits of natural sunlight-derived Vitamin D with skin cancer concerns?

T.C.:   Vitamin D production is just one benefit of sunshine. If one develops a base tan and avoids burning, has proper fat and antioxidant intake, skin cancers are rare. Chemical sunscreens, cosmetics, soaps, over-scrubbing and even chlorine showers are more of a concern. Sun exposure, especially during midday, should be scheduled like lunch!

HH:    You talk about DNA expression and how DNA resonates at various frequencies, as well as sends and receives electromagnetic fields and light. What research are you citing?

T.C.:   The new science of epigenetics explains many factors involved in DNA expression. Try Dawson Church. Methyl groups attach to and detach from individual DNA sequences, turning them on and off in response to environmental and emotional factors. Electron abundance and the absence of oxidative stress seems to prevent DNA bases from accumulating junk molecules and being turned off. Telomere research by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn dovetails with epigenetics. These DNA end caps are maintained through the release of an enzyme, telomerase, which prevents their unraveling. Mental stress and oxidative stress reduce telomerase production and accelerate erosion of base pairs and aging. Resonant frequencies cross from chemistry into the realm of physics and esoterica. All molecules vibrate, jiggle, communicate with and influence each other. DNA vibratory characteristics are the focus of
biontology where frequency feedback therapies produce results. When DNA vibratory  frequency is corrected, other molecules in the cell either get with the beat or get out, being incompatible with the tune. Rife frequencies expel pathogens and damaged cells like that.
Music, sunshine, Rife frequencies, magnetic fields, our own mental states and total body electron voltages have measurable effects. Frequencies above 60 cycles per second or hz are in the healthy range. Below 20 hz disease is evident. Frequencies are “entrained” by other frequencies so our DNA can either influence or be influenced by surrounding matter and vibratory energies. Hence the power of intent!    

HH:    Here is a quote from Forbidden Healing: “Oddly, coffee, pure tobacco and medicinal marijuana are being recognized as antioxidant, neuro-protective and healing by more than a few physicians.” I knew it was just a matter of time before that line in Woody Allen’s futuristic comedy Sleeper, about doctors determining that smoking tobacco was actually good for you, came around. I’ve always wondered why the lung cancer rates among, both pure tobacco smokers (native Americans; many Asian countries) and marijuana smokers has been, historically, so low. In your research, what are your latest findings?

T.C.:    Commercial tobacco and pure organic tobacco are as different as night and day in toxicity and health effects. That distinction is never raised. Nicotine cannot be classified as a carcinogen though smoking is called the number one cause of cancer. The tobacco plant, even when organically grown, gathers cadmium and other metals that serially generate unhealthy free radical oxidants. But obviously, using commercial additives upon pesticide soaked plants is dangerously stupid and doubles-down on predictable results. Coffee, cocaine and other stimulants constrict blood vessels while marijuana and tobacco dilate them. Coffee contains antioxidant compounds and has positive effects on metabolism. Coffee, tea, tobacco, marijuana and even salt and saturated fats have been demonized unfairly on the basis of sketchy or fraudulent studies. One must weigh the risks versus the benefits of these “comfort foods.”  When smoking organic tobacco it is wise to offset its acidic oxidative effects with tons of Vitamin C/bicarbonate. Commercial cigarettes are too damn dangerous and an unnecessary risk. Marijuana’s medical benefits, from cancers to Alzheimer’s to diabetes to depression, are being recognized as superior to pharmaceuticals. “It has therapeutic properties that may be applicable to the treatment of neurological disorders including anti-oxidative, neuroprotective, analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions, immunomodulation, modulation of glial cells and tumor growth regulation.” (IMVA Blog, 8-22-11) Is it any wonder that a plant, so easily grown anywhere, would be made illegal?

A final note: If you take away anything from Forbidden Healing, it would be to seize control of your own health. Realize your power of intent and feel the flow of energy erupt from deep in the belly when that fine state of serious determination is reached.

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