Posted by Kim
Apr 05 2011

When life gives you Ka-Pow! Arnica saves the day.  

Ever wonder if Batman had a mom hanging around the Bat Cave waiting to tend his boo-boos after a hard day of Zap! Blam! Splat! with the evil Joker or rascally Riddler? If there was a Bat Mom waiting in the wings, she’d surely know the super healing powers of arnica; the very best balm for bruising and swelling.

Arnica  Montana  –also  known as Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Tobacco and
Sneezewort– grows on the slopes of the Alps. Its German name, Fallkraut
(accidental fall + herb (or cabbage), is no accident. Arnica is a superhero
for shrinking capillaries, reducing swelling in the joints and muscles and
fading bruises super fast.

When a friend’s young son was performing his own superhero stunt on his
bicycle one day, he fell so hard on the handlebar stem his ribcage and the
area around his spleen developed a frighteningly deep and dark hematoma.

Normally this type of bruising takes weeks to resolve. She began dosing with
Boiron’s homeopathic Arnica Pellets*, having him take 3-4 every two hours
over the course of the day. She also applied the Arnica Gel directly on the
skin. By evening his bruises had faded to a significantly lighter shade. By
the end of the next day he was nearly healed.

* Warnings that arnica montana is NOT to be ingested are referring to the
plant. Homeopathic pellets contain potentized yet highly diluted portions of
the herb.
And, like all superheros, there’s a supernatural quality to Arnica as well.
“As a trauma remedy it is unsurpassed,” Rudolph Ballentine, M.D. writes.
“There is something in its essence that is instrumental in reshaping the
subtle body after it has been knocked askew by a physical insult.” Radical
Healing, p. 66.

Arnica is even touted for reversing hair loss. Sunny brand Arnica Hair Oil
claims: Rubbed in the scalp or sipped as a tincture arnica oil controls hair
fallout, reduces dandruff, prevents premature graying and keeps hair healthy
and hydrated and stimulates hair growth. Regular use makes the hair thick,
healthy and lustrous.

How and why arnica’s properties may regenerate hair growth is sure to be a
hairy debate. Meanwhile, if you or someone you know are sporting a new shaggy do since
using arnica hair oil, please send your story to Herbal Heresy.

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